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Grassroots communications was traditionally a tool to influence issues, policies and political campaigns, but has proven to be equally effective in reputation management, and establishing brand loyalty.

Hard Count began as a traditional grass-tops / grass-roots advocacy campaign management group providing most of the grass-tops consulting services in the South for 5 of the largest communications firms in D.C..  That evolved into the creation of the first grass-tops/grass-roots advocacy firm in Texas, in which we managed the coalitions for both telecommunications deregulation and electricity deregulation in Texas and 11 other states.

Hard Count then evolved into a firm that offered a broader range of services including; developing branding and communications strategies for several Fortune 500 companies on issues ranging from introduction of medical devices to waste management concerns.

Hard Count has remained dynamic and evolved over time using grass-roots strategies in increasingly inventive ways to remain one of the premier grass-roots consultants in the country.